Watershed Friendly Fertilizers
Simple Steps Towards a Healthier Watershed
Sugar vs. Carbs

Maintaining a healthy lawn is a lot like maintaining a healthy body. Grass needs a balanced diet complete with the macronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (sometimes called potash) and micronutrients like magnesium and calcium in order to thrive.

Let’s think of our lawns like an athlete who needs nutrition to perform. Most synthetic fertilizers are not balanced. They rely heavily on water soluble nitrogen to add a fast “pop”, like a sugar-rush, to help rapidly green the turf. The nitrogen is quickly assimilated into the plant matter and the nutrient rush ends as fast as it began.

The fertilizers suggested here are like the carbs in a good diet. They are packed with many different micronutrients to supplement the N-P-K that plants require in a healthy diet. They offer slow, steady nutrition for your lawn that maintains grass vigor and greening for extended periods of time. Here is the best part: In order for the nutrients to become available to the grass they have to be “activated” by microbes living in the soil. This means that the nitrogen is in a form that doesn't leach into the groundwater or evaporate into the air, so it won’t pollute the Bay! So make the right choice. Use one of these great products on your lawn and Help save the Barnegat Bay Watershed.

Organic Choices

Most organics are a great choice for your lawn! They are low in nitrogen and high in the micronutrients plants need.

OceanGro© 5-5-0 – OceanGro is an organic biosolid fertilizer manufactured in Ocean County, New Jersey that exceeds Environmental Protection Agency Exceptional Quality Standards.

Milorganite© 6-2-0 – Milorganite is another biosoild fertilizer and is available at many home and garden supply stores including the major big box retailers.

TerraCycle Lawn Fertilizer 5-5-1 – It may sound strange but worm poop or worm castings, as they are called, are a great organic choice. TerraCycle, another New Jersey Based company manufactures an excellent version of this product.

Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Fertilizer" 8-3-1 – Using the nutritional benefit of kelp, feather, bone and blood meal, mixed with amino and humic acids, this fertilizer offers a slow release, long lasting formula.

Jonathan Green Organic Weed Control and Fertilizer" 9-0-0 – Corn gluten, the main component of this fertilizer, has been demonstrated to have both weed control properties and adds fertilizer to your lawn.

Fertrell Nitrell® 5-3-4 – Designed for lawns, trees, and shrubs.

Inorganic Choices

Here at the Nitrogen Pollution Action Project, we feel that you should be free to choose whether organics are right for you. Remember these fertilizers are higher in nitrogen, so only fertilize at a rate of 1 lb of nitrogen per 1000 square feet 4 time a year and keep the first number LOW!!

Sustane® + Nutralene® + Iron 10-2-10 – This product is a great choice because the amount of total nitrogen is low and over 80% of the nitrogen contained within is slow-release.

Sustane® + Nutralene® + Polymer Coated Sulfur Coated Urea 18-1-8 plus Iron – This synthetic fertilizer is made from composted turkey litter and amended with other synthetic ingredients. Remember 18% of the product is nitrogen so use it sparingly! http://www.sustane.com/Sustane.htm

Turf Nurture® 15-4-7 This product is predominantely organic however it has been amended with urea to aid in fast greening. Despite the addition of urea the product contains 75% slow release nitrogen.

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